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Top Ten Educational Apps For iPhone

June 10th, 2021

The popularity of iPhones and iPads has revolutionized education. Notebooks and textbooks have not been abolished, but numerous students are using tablets and smartphones for studying. In addition to students, professionals who do not study in classrooms also use these devices to educate themselves. Apple’s App Store offers thousands of educational apps for iPhone. These apps entertain as well as educate.

The best iPhone apps for education employ the most relevant iPhone features and facilities to provide a great learning experience. The upgrades in touch technology, Internet connectivity, HD screens and 3D support have made iPhone the best handheld education device. This has made it possible for developers to build effective educational applications. Let’s take a look at ten of the best education apps for iPhone.

Mental Notes
Note-taking is an important part of education. Interesting and succinct notes are extremely useful for the purposes of revision and memorizing. Not only does the Mental Notes app let you take quick notes, but it also lets you include images and video along with the notes. Whether you are a student trying to make all the information manageable or a teacher trying to make your classes more fun, this app will fulfill your expectations.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration
This app highlights the power of iPhone education apps development. It takes one of the most difficult and tedious topics and makes it fun. Users can choose any elements; the app will show different objects made from that element. Students can also rotate the object and see it in a 3D view. Needless to say, it also has a column of figures and facts alongside the pictures.

School and college students attend several different classes and study a number of subjects. They need to keep track of assignments, homework and tests for all the different classes. If you are such a student, this app will make your life a little easier. All you need to do is enter the information in the app; it will send you alerts and remind you when your homework is due.

iStudiez Pro
High school students will benefit greatly from the use of this app. This app is built to cater to the specific needs of school students. It offers a number of features that allow students to take care of particular tasks. For instance, it follows up on homework, summarizes schedules, tracks grades and backs up data.

The TED conference is where world’s greatest innovators and educators meet. By downloading this app, you can get access to all the interesting and mind-blowing lectures by these people. While this app doesn’t teach you any particular subject, you will learn how to learn by watching the TED talks.

iTunes U
This app has been built by Apple. It is loaded with excellent educational content from some of the best universities in the world. By installing this app, you get access to an incredibly large number of subjects. This is one of the best iPhone apps for education for people who believe in self-study.

No Fear Shakespeare

Lenovo N24 Guide: Everything Students, Teachers and Parents Need to Know About This Notebook

March 10th, 2021

Planning to start college soon? Or are you a parent looking for a good, inexpensive introductory notebook for a young child? Whatever the case may be, one highly-recommended educational notebook is the Lenovo N24.

Who needs educational laptops?

A digital learning platform is essential for students in today’s world, and their need for educational electronics will continue to grow. While Lenovo is primarily known for its business laptops, such as the ThinkPad series, it does a good job at introducing notebooks in the education sector as well. The Institutions themselves also require solutions that can scale and adapt quickly to keep up with the new ways of collaborating and teaching.

What is the design like?

The N24 has a 360-degree hinge, meaning that it can be adjusted and used in a variety of ways. There are four modes, including tablet mode for marking documents, tent and presentation modes to help students focus, and laptop mode for taking notes and doing everyday tasks.

Since kids can be careless, this notebook is engineered to be durable. It has a semi-rugged design that helps prevent damage from drops and bumps. Both the touchpad and keyboard are spill-proof due to internal drainage channels.

What does the N24 have to offer?

For starters, the device has a 1366 x 768 resolution 11.6 HD IPS Touch display with a camera built-in. The touch technology is very responsive and the camera is a 720p HD model featuring a microphone. Active Pen support allows students to take notes and draw directly onto the display. The precise pressure sensitivity and pin-point accuracy ensure a natural writing experience. To avoid unintentional strokes of the pen, a palm rest rejection feature is included.

Processor choices include Intel Celeron N3450 and Pentium N4200, both of which reach 1.10-GHz with 2MB. The cheapest configuration of this notebook comes with Intel HD graphics (500), which can be upgraded to 505. While it only starts out with 4GB of memory, it can go all the way up to 32GB. This is far more memory than what the average 15 or 17-inch laptop can hold.

The Lenovo N24 offers a generous 64GB storage capacity.

What about battery life and Wi-Fi?

On of the most important things to consider when buying a student laptop is the battery. A laptop won’t be helpful at all if it doesn’t last for the entire school day. Students can expect up to eight hours of battery life with the 3-Cell Li-Polymer battery (45 Watt Hour) the Lenovo N24 comes equipped with. 802.11 dual-band (a/c) Wi-Fi technology simplifies online collaboration.